“Some people walk their dog; I walk my camera.’

About My Photography

Streets of Paris, 2023.3

I believe the power of photography lies is its connection to the real world. There is a visceral connection constructed between the photograph and the viewer.  We want to believe the object photographed existed in the real world. Susan Sontag  in her seminal work On Photography, said, “Whatever the limitations (through amateurism) or pretensions (through artistry) of the individual photographer, a photograph — any photograph — seems to have a more innocent, and therefore more accurate, relation to visible reality than do other mimetic objects”. 

With today’s technology, it is possible to make photographs into whatever one chooses. My photographs are reality based. However, I do consider myself like a chef who cooks raw food in his or her own special way before serving.

Wedding Guest, Rock Springs, TX 2010

I am a wandering visual poet. A flâneur, and an expert at getting lost walking my camera. I don’t claim my photographs are “the truth” or unbiased. Roland Barthes said that all pictures are always two things at the same time:  What they are of and what they are about.  My images are “of” real world objects but they are “about” my beliefs, feelings and understanding of the subject. In the end, all photographs are as much or more about their creator than the thing photographed. They reflect my interest in culture, cities and my sense of  humor. I’m an unapologetic city boy and my camera, Nola, is my like a dog, she wants to “noodle around”  smelling and tasting everything. For me walking has a higher purpose than its salubrious benefits. I’m a stroller, a loafer with a camera. For me, experience, slowly consumed, is the essence of the good life.