Le Flâneur

September 24, 2012 – Some people walk their dogs, I walk my camera. Charles Baudelaire said “Photographers, you will never become artists!“  Read more…..



  Agincourt Encore

August 22, 2012 – The English Invade France, Again…  Read more….



  Paris Plage – Paris Beach

August 16, 2012 – In August many Parisians abandon Paris for the beaches of Nice and Normandy ostensibly because of the summer heat. To the average Parisian 75F is hot; 80F is unbearable; water boils at 85F don’t you know! Read more….



 Not Your Plain Plane

  August 3, 2012 – As you know one cannot escape Texas by air without going to Houston or Dallas. I arrived Houston for the high ride across the ocean because on this occasion I am taking United Airlines formerly known as Continental Airlines.  Read more….


 O 2 Uh O

May 20, 2012 – Inquisitor:  “So, Alex, how does it feel to have the President of the United States peeved with you?” Read more….



 Joan of Arc Exhibition – New Orleans

June 25, 2012 – On April 20, I got an email message from my piston (a “piston” is a French term for a supporter of an artist who has connections and lobbies for them). The message was simply, “I suggest you call Stephen today.”  Read more….


 Poor  1%

May 28, 2012 – Seven Euros fifty gets you to and from Monte Carlo and Nice. Very nice. While there I learned some interesting things. Read more….


 Nice Walk

March 25, 2012 – Five hours from Paris on the TGV (Train Grande Vitesse) —  in English, Very Fast Train — gets you to Nice, in English, Kneece! Read more….


Dutch August

March 17,  2012 – “It’s not August Alex, why am I getting this post? If I wanted spring reading I’d go by a book, or read a magazine.”  Read more….



 I Saw You See

September 7, 2011 – “What do you photograph while you are in France?”   Read more….



  Inconvenient Present

August 10, 2011 – Yes it is August again and I am in France. I will be here for only two weeks therefore my French brain dropping are limited to this post. Read more….



  Ma Gog Chirac! Pourquoi non?

May 28, 2011 – So are the French cowards or just smart cheese eaters? Read more….



Fumée  – Smoke

September 3, 2010 – The French are captivated by two things unique to America, Jerry Lewis and Marboro. I can’t understand the attraction to either. Read more….



 Touché Targét

August 26, 2010 – This post card is not about the American retail giant, Target Stores, who stared into Wal-Mart’s ingenious reptilian eyes,  refused to blink and yet lived to tell the tale.  Read more…




 Killeen Bag Blues

August 19, 2010 – Imagine driving without traffic to an airport, parking for one dollar an hour in short-term parking less than 100 feet from the entrance,  and sauntering up the counter with no one in line. Read more….



May 2, 2010 – I created up this blog to record and share humorous observations about my travels in France. However, at this time I find it difficult to be silent….Read More….



Repas – Meal

September 5, 2009 – I couldn’t leave without at least a few words about food. After all, France is pretty much acknowledged as THE gastronomic center of the world or at the minimum makes the top two or three.  England is another matter. Read more….





August 26, 2009 -Last week, I was in Beaugency, a lovely little town on the Loire about two hours South East of Paris and about thirty minutes from my favorite French city, Orléans. Read more….




August 20, 2009 – Some of you have asked me questions similar to this: How do you stand those ingrates who are so insulting to Americans after having saved them from German barbarism twice? Read more….




August 10, 2009 – Living near the 30th parallel in Texas means August is hot getting hotter. The Northern 30th parallel cuts across North Africa, Iraq, India and South China. Read more….




Potus Pizza

November 16, 2008 – November in Paris brings two things. Cold gray damp weather and Mois de Photo. (Month of Photography) It no doubt was the same kind of irrational hubris that Austin concocted Aqua Fest as an incentive for tourists to visit Austin in August…Read more….




  Make Attention

June 7, 2008 – When the French want to get your attention regarding a possible impending emergency they say, “Faites attention” which translates as ‘make attention’ but what it really means is Watch out! or Be careful!…Read more….





May 23, 2008I don’t know when it was that McDonald’s first came to Paris but I could not fathom how they would be successful. After all Paris is one of the ultimate gourmet eating destinations on the planet…Read more….



 18 % Gray Hug

May 16, 2008 – I am back across the pond in France for three weeks. On the way over I completed reading Bernard-Henri Lévy’s “American Vertigo”. Written in 2004 during the presidential election campaign,  Lévy retraces and enlarges upon Tocqueville’s ”Democracy in America” which many of you were, if like me, required to read  in high school.   Read more….


July 4, 2007

July 4, 2007  – I am in Orléans, my favorite French City. There is no US Independence Day celebration today in Orléans but there is one at an obscure Parisian cemetery called PicpusRead more….






ABC’s of Flying

June 24, 2007 – I arrived at DFW airport after a short flight from Robert M. Gray Airport in Killeen.  A dream airport named for a famous member of the Doolittle raid on Tokyo during WWII. They actually have people who help you without the seemingly ubiquitous tip jar.  Read More….