Ever since the dawn of consciousness humans have struggled to convey meaning.  From pictographs to semiotics,  humans, and artists in particular,  have struggled to convey meaning. Words and pictures are symbols humans use to convey meaning.  Languages are codified with definitions in dictionaries. Yet, the conveyance of meaning remains a difficult challenge often escaping our most earnest attempts.


I used words (quotes) as an intellectual conveyance and photographs as a visceral means to express my ideas, emotions, and understandings of Joan of Arc.


When I decided to make a book of my photographs I wanted it to be more than just large scale black and white photographs of statues of Joan of Arc. I have long been interested in the combination of words and photographs

After several years and exhibitions ma

ny of my friends and patrons urged me to make a book of my photographs. I have never published a book. I knew nothing but I  had ideas about what I wanted it to be.

I wanted to make a book that expressed visually what I learned of the myth of Joan of Arc.

It has long been my belief that a combination of words and pictures are a more complete form of communication than either of them separately.



I believe it is possible to transcend whatever meaning each hold individually.