Announcing a new photographic gallery for Austin, Texas

Lone Star Photo Work


I believe there is a real need to have a non-commercially driven photo gallery in Austin. The plan for Lone Star Photo Work  (LSPW) is to exhibit photographs and photographic derived art work. The emphasis will be on exhibiting new and interesting work from photographers and artists whose work is photographically derived from around the world, not just Texas.   The name is a derived from a former joint venture with a friend, Bill Kennedy, Lone Star Photographic Workshops. Bill has graciously consented to the use of the derived name and former logo. Furthermore, we are in Austin, the capitol of the “Lone Star State”.

Presently I am searching for a suitable location. That is a difficult task in Austin.  Making money is not my prime objective, but I do need to keep from losing my retirement funds.  If you are interested in learning more or how you can get involved sign up below for Blogart or contact me. I’ll be making announcements as things develop.

Thanks for your interest in LSPW