I Saw – You See

Mask Reflection

“What do you photograph while you are in France?”  This year I’ve decided to answer that often posed party query with real photographs and not the usual, “Well, hmmm….stuff”. I stammer because, well the truth is  I never really know what I will make a picture of until I see it. I used to go with an established project in my head,  potential images in my head and ideas that I wanted to project visually. However,  I always found that no matter what preconceived notions I had about what images I would make, it never turned out that way. So, I’ve succumbed to the muse and allow her to take me where she will.  Now I wander about and observe. If you read my earlier post you know  that I am living in a presence uninhibited by usual day-to-day activities, unencumbered by an agenda. Blank slate. Open eyes. Camera ready.

A few words about the images.  In the two weeks I was in France, August 1 – August 15, I made about one thousand pictures. Of that original one thousand there are about 110 in the gallery, the other nine hundred bit the dust.  There are some images which seem very close in appearance. Even though you already know that I am a ruthless editor, the “duplicates” are in the gallery because I haven’t yet made up my mind exactly which one to keep.

Yes, those are my eyes you see reflected in the mask.

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